Investigating the Market Reaction to Large Transactions on the Bitcoin Blockchain

A specific feature of the blockchain technology and thus also of the Bitcoin network is the underlying transparency. Each network participant can observe in virtually real time how many and what kind of transactions take place in the Bitcoin...

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A Place Next to Satoshi – Scientific Foundations of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Business and Economics

The research foundations of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in business and economics are analyzed using co-citation analysis. Five strands of research are identified, reviewed and visualized, of which two are well-established and three are still emerging.

Perceived and Actual Use of Cryptocurrencies: Germany Q1 2019

Blockchain Research Lab Based on a representative survey among 3,864 German adult Internet users, this report presents reliable insights on the respondents’ faith in, and the challenges associated with cryptocurrencies, as well as on their perceived vs. actual use. Most respondents were introduced to cryptocurrencies by [...]

The State of Cryptocurrency Adoption: Germany Q1 2019

Blockchain Research Lab A survey among 3,864 respondents that is representative of the adult Internet population in Germany allows deep and reliable insights into the adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies. 87% of the population know about cryptocurrencies. 18% of all adult Internet users in Germany either [...]

Cheap Signals in Security Token Offerings (STOs)

Lennart Ante Ingo Fiedler Startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for a significant share of the economy but are often constrained in their growth potential, as they have difficulty accessing capital markets (Carpenter & Peterson, 2002).  More recently, offerings of blockchain-based security [...]