Insights on the Crossroads of Cryptocurrency and Gambling: A Conversation with Sally Gainsbury and Kahlil Philander

Our co-founder Dr. Fred Steinmetz had the privilege of joining the Technology, Risk, and Gambling webinar series, hosted by distinguished gambling researchers Prof. Sally Gainsbury and Prof. Kahlil S. Philander. In the latest episode, they delved into ‘The Interrelations of Cryptocurrency and Gambling,’ exploring the evolving landscape at the intersection of these two domains.

During the one-hour seminar, the discussion revolved around our co-founder Fred’s paper, which can be found here, and explored the multifaceted dynamics surrounding cryptocurrency and gambling. The conversation aimed to shed light on the implications of emerging technologies on risky decision-making behaviors within the gambling realm. However, the intersections of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and gambling are broader than the sole similarity between the activities of trading cryptocurrency and gambling. Find out more about the talk here; find the paper here; or directly get in touch about our ongoing investigations on the topic.

Our co-founder Fred extends heartfelt thanks to Prof. Sally Gainsbury, Prof. Kahlil S. Philander, and the entire Technology Addiction team at the Brain and Mind Centre for the invitation to be part of this engaging discussion. The Technology, Risk, and Gambling seminar series provide a valuable space for thought leaders worldwide to share insights on topics crucial to understanding the impact of design and emerging technologies on gambling. Their commitment to facilitating these discussions is commendable and plays a vital role in the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Our co-founder Fred looks forward to continued collaboration and future conversations that contribute to the responsible exploration of technology’s role in the complex landscape of gambling.