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The non-profit organisation Blockchain Research Lab is dedicated to independent science and research on blockchain technology and to publishing the results for the benefit of society. Its research is funded by donations and funding from companies, private individuals, public, and private institutions.

Blockchain is a new technology that has the potential to sustainably affect society and the economy, which makes it of great social value. Besides a number of industries, both public administration and political players are taking a keen interest in the development and application of blockchain-based solutions. The technology is being evaluated for implementation in existing business models, and new disruptive business models are emerging.

The Blockchain Research Lab takes a long-term interest in blockchain technology and its effects on business and society. In doing so, we place particular importance on making the connection between the technology and its applications, and to keep questioning the interaction between these two aspects. Because of the variety and complexity of the economic, legal, technological and societal challenges associated with the new technology, we especially value interdisciplinary research.

Our staff, scientists and scholarship recipients are highly motivated to face these challenges. Applying sound scientific methodology, we create the substantive groundwork from which to demonstrate both the opportunities and the limits of blockchain technology for society. That way, we aim to facilitate a better understanding of the technology and its applications.

In order to create and maintain a superb research environment that facilitates independent and interdisciplinary research by our scientists and scholarship holders, as a non-profit organisation, the Blockchain Research Lab depends on your commitment.

We welcome all general or project-specific donations from individuals or responsible companies that will help us to sustainably change business and society!

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Ways to support us

Your donation will help us to successfully implement our projects, to promote talented (junior) scientists and to generally reach our goals. You will enable independent science and research on blockchain and thereby help to build the basis for the responsible use of this new technology and for the development of further innovative applications.

You can choose many opportunities to support the Blockchain Research Lab with a one-time donation or regular contributions. It is up to you whether you want to support a specific project or our day-to-day operations.

General, unrestricted donations give us greater flexibility. They enable us to react to changes at short notice and to use donations where they are most urgently needed. In addition to the expenses for our research activities, unrestricted donations can also be used to cover costs incurred beyond the scope of research, for example, for the provision of working materials, maintenance of data archives, publications or attendance at relevant conferences.

We are particularly dedicated to junior researchers, whose enthusiasm for science we aim to foster wherever possible. One way in which we do so is by granting research scholarships to high-performance, committed and motivated scientists.

Give our exceptional talents the chance to conduct independent and interdisciplinary research and thereby help to build the basis for the responsible use of this new technology and for the development of further innovative applications.

This is what your support could look like:

  • PhD-Student/ PostDoc for 1 month: € 1,800 – € 2,000
  • PhD-Student/ PostDoc for 6 months: € 10,800 – € 12,000
  • PhD-Student/ PostDoc for 1 year: € 21,600 – € 24,000
  • Master-Thesis (1 to 6 month(s)): € 400 – € 2,400

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The collection, analysis and evaluation of sound data is the basis of our daily work. The use of the services of platform providers for (online) surveys or independent market research institutes (especially for representative (internet) population surveys) are associated with considerable costs for the BRL. Support us in being able to conduct our surveys regularly and to publish the insights in the form of high-quality reports and working paper on our website for the society.

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Show your commitment to the digital future together with Blockchain Research Lab and contribute to the sustainable use of blockchain technology in business and society.

If you have your own ideas or wishes about a certain subject or project you would like to support at Blockchain Research Lab, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

We would be pleased to inform you about the possibilities how you can support our science and research.

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