We offer scholarships to high-potential, motivated and committed researchers from a variety of academic backgrounds. Whether you are a Postdoc, a PhD student or a Masters student, discover the impact you could make with a scholarship at the Blockchain Research Lab.

We are looking forward to your application!

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In addition to the documents and information listed in §2(5) of the Funding Guideline, any application that is to be considered must contain the following documents:

  • a CV (academic) in tabular form;
  • a single-page motivation letter;
  • any graduation certificates obtained so far;
  • a statement (including information about the institution, the duration as well as the amount of the scholarship and the topic), regarding any scholarships already received from other institutions;
  • the applicant’s assurance that any changes to his or her situation that are relevant to the awarding or disbursement to the scholarship will be communicated immediately;
  • the certificate of enrolment if the applicant is currently studying.

The application documents must be submitted in English.

Please also note our data protection information for applicants.

When applying by email, please make sure that the file size of your application does not exceed 3 MB. Please send us your application in PDF format only.

You have all your records together? Then we look forward to receiving your written application to

Blockchain Research Lab gGmbH
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22083 Hamburg

or via Mail to:

In our funding guideline, you’ll find all important information relating to your application as well as answers to any questions you may have. Make sure to carefully read them before applying.


Find the answers to the most important questions relating to scholarships.

The Blockchain Research Lab grants scholarships to promote scientific projects on blockchain technology. The scholarships are intended to further the intellectual potential of gifted and highly motivated (junior) researchers for the scientific, economic and technological further development in the interest of society. The aim is to further the scientific discourse about the technology and, in doing so, to either improve the general understanding of blockchain, to analyse the expected socio-economic and societal change induced by the technology, or to identify and work out promising opportunities for its application.

The scholarship holders will receive financial and personal support to enable them to engage in substantive research. Furthermore, the Blockchain Research Lab strongly encourages the scholarship holders to publish the insights and results gained from their research so as to make them accessible to the general public.

Applications must be addressed in writing to the Blockchain Research Lab. Applicants may either respond to a call for applications or apply on their own initiative. For further information, please see the funding guidelines.

The Blockchain Research Lab  awards scholarships to Postdocs, PhD students and students who study for a Master’s degree.

The Blockchain Research Lab funds high-potential, motivated and committed (junior) scientists domestically and abroad who are interested in doing research on the challenges and opportunities of blockchain technology and its consequences for society at large.

The scholarship can only be granted upon application, which is open to anyone aged 18 or above. Further criteria are set out in the funding guidelines and in the call for applications, if applicable.

The Blockchain Research Lab evaluates all applications received in relation to the selection criteria and the formal requirements. Applications that fail to meet the formal requirements will not be considered. The Blockchain Research Lab decides on the basis of the application material received which applicants to invite for a personal interview. A final decision on granting the scholarship will be taken when all interviews have been concluded.

Please see the funding guideline or the call for applications, if applicable.

The scholarships are granted for a maximum of two years. The funding period is determined individually for each research project. Please see the funding guideline for further details.

The Blockchain Research Lab awards scholarships to Postdocs, PhD students and students who study for a Master’s degree. Postdocs and PhD students are normally awarded full-time scholarships; part-time arrangements can be made in individual justified cases.

The monthly amount of a full scholarship is €2,000 for a Postdoc and €1,800 for a PhD student. The amount of a part-time scholarship is agreed proportionally.

The scholarship for students in a Master’s programme amounts to €400 per month. The maximum funding period equals the standard period of study for that particular Master’s programme.

For further details, please see the funding guideline.

The Blockchain Research Lab cannot and will not evaluate the circumstances under which successful applicants can also receive public student grants in Germany (BAföG). For information on BAföG, please see the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

All persons within the Blockchain Research Lab who are involved in processing the applicants’ personal data are expressly obliged to ensure data protection, to preserve any business secrets and to comply by the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

See our data privacy policy for applicants.