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Below you can find selected media articles about the Blockchain Research Lab.

Article Outlet Date
Cryptoverse: Soccer tokens shine ahead of summer of sport Reuters Jun 2024
Football fan tokens kick off ahead of Euro 2024 championship
Euro News Jun 2024
How the FIFA World Cup Impacted Football Fan Tokens: A Market Impact Analysis CoinGecko May 2024
NFT Adoption: How Popular are NFTs among Crypto Holders? CoinGecko Apr 2024
Why Do People Buy NFTs: 2023 Study CoinGecko Apr 2024
Elon Musk Neuralink (NLINK) Memecoin Surges 3,400% After First Successful Brain Implant BeInCrypto Jan 2024
Aufschlüsselung des DeFi-Sektors: Der aktuelle Stand der Technik Crypto Valley Journal Nov 2023
Symbiose zwischen DeFi und dem traditionellen Finanzsektor Crypto Valley Journal Nov 2023
Who Invests in Metaverse Land & Why? 4 Types of Metaverse Real Estate Investors CoinGecko Oct 2023
What traditional banking can learn from decentralized finance (DeFi) Crypto Valley Journal Oct 2023
Unlocking the Secrets of Digital Real Estate: Exploring Retail Investors and the Metaverse Blockhead Aug 2023
Elon Musk hit with insider trading claims over his Dogecoin crypto-hype The Register Jun 2023
ChatGPT Ignites Revolution in AI Crypto Markets, Says MUIC Lecturer Mahidol University Jun 2023
The promising marriage of blockchain and AI: ChatGPT’s impact BusinessWorld Jun 2023
Impressive 41% Surge in AI-Related Crypto Returns Following the Launch of ChatGPT CoinMarketCap Jun 2023
AI-related crypto returns rose up to 41% after ChatGPT launched: Study Cointelegraph Jun 2023
The AI Phenomenon Shaking Crypto Markets Blockhead Jun 2023
‘There needs to be a health warning’: How crypto trading can lead to addiction Financial Times Jun 2023
ChatGPT Sparks Higher Valuations of AI Crypto Assets CoinGecko May 2023
The Potential of Blockchain-based Fan Tokens for Sports Crypto Valley Journal May 2023
Demystifying Turkish Cryptocurrency Owners: A Comprehensive Analysis CoinGecko Apr 2023
11 Reasons Why People Buy Crypto CoinGecko Apr 2023
What Do People Use Crypto For? 8 Use Cases Ranked CoinGecko Apr 2023
NFT Adoption: How Popular are NFTs among Crypto Holders? CoinGecko Apr 2023
What NFT Holders Think of Risks & Regulation CoinGecko Apr 2023
Where People Store Their Crypto, Post-FTX Collapse CoinGecko Apr 2023
Utility and long-term profits top reasons for NFT purchases: CoinGecko study CoinTelegraph Apr 2023
Why Do People Buy NFTs? 2023 Statistics CoinGecko Apr 2023
Statistiken zur Krypto-Adoption in Deutschland: Daten zeigen steigendes Interesse bei institutionellen Anlegern CryptoMonday Apr 2023
Is the Bitcoin Comeback for Real? Institutional Investor Apr 2023
The Growing Influence & Power of Avatars in the Metaverse: Insights from Blockchain Research Lab Blockster Apr 2023
Is the Bitcoin Comeback for Real? Institutional Investor Apr 2023 the Aussie gambling minnow that made it big on crypto Financial Times Mar 2023
Study reveals how avatars shape digital identity in the metaverse The Sandbox Mar 2023
Crypto Holders Embrace NFT Assets Yahoo Finance Mar 2023
Avatar Market Set to Exceed $500 Billion by 2030: Report Reveals Potential of Metaverse’s Digital Identities Blockzeit Mar 2023
Mt Gox creditors to be paid in bitcoin: Why it matters proactive Feb 2023
The Sandbox Sold Over $1.66 Million Worth of Metaverse Land in Past Few Weeks Virtual Reality Times Dec 2022
Dogecoin’s Elon correlation: Is it a good thing or could it be the meme coin’s downfall? CNBC Dec 2022
Virtual NFT land in the metaverse as an emerging asset class Crypto Valley Journal Oct 2022
Dogecoin als Schneeballsystem? Klageschrift gegen Musk ausgeweitet Oct 2022
Cryptocurrency users with gambling affinity are more involved mentally and financially than non-gambling users PsyPost Oct 2022
Energieverbrauch von Kryptowährungen: Kann Blockchain auch öko? TAZ Sep 2022
Ethereum veut faire sa révolution verte pour consommer moins d’énergie Trends Tendances Sep 2022
Ethereum crypto overhaul targets environmental impact France 24 Aug 2022
Managementkompass: Nachhaltigkeit durch Digitalisierung Managementkompass Aug 2022
An Analysis of Retail Investors in Cryptocurrency Crypto Valley Journal Jul 2022
Non-fungible Token –  Sind NFTs purer Hype oder steckt mehr dahinter? BTC-Echo Jun 2022
Cryptocurrency fallout delivers sharp kick to decentralised finance dreams The Financial Times Jun 2022
#28: Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies with Ingo Fiedler by The ACIT Science Podcast The ACIT Science Podcast Jun 2022
The Financial Times Jun 2022
The week that shook crypto The Financial Times May 2022
BTC Echo May 2022
MetaNow Apr 2022
MoneyToday Media
Apr 2022
Apr 2022
The Times of India Apr 2022
Tech in Asia
Mar 2022
Crypto Valley Journal
Mar 2022
It’s Complicated: The Relationship Between Crypto and NFTs Coindesk Mar 2022
Hamburger Abendblatt Feb 2022
Times Higher Education Feb 2022
Lennart Ante on Governance of NFTs Internet Governance Explained Feb 2022
NFT: Das riskante Geschäft mit digitaler Kunst Berliner Morgenpost Dec 2021
Le Dogecoin grimpe de 20% après qu’Elon Musk déclare que Tesla l’utilisera pour ses paiements Mon Livret Dec 2021
Dogecoin Rockets 20% After Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Use for Merch Payments Decrypt Dec 2021
Fintech Week 2021 ends in Hamburg Hamburg News Dec 2021
Discussion on Climate Change, Regulation, Tokenization at Blockchance 2021 BeInCrypto Nov 2021
4,000 attendees meet at BLOCKCHANCE 2021 to discuss climate change, regulation, and tokenization Bloomberg Nov 2021
NFTs: la nouvelle lubie des investisseurs La Revenu Sep 2021

Public opinion and level of knowledge about cryptocurrencies

Crypto Valley Journal Sep 2021
Börsen-Zeitung Oct 2021
The price impact of large Bitcoin transactions Crypto Valley Journal Aug 2021
Decrypt Aug 2021
Decrypt Aug 2021
Decrypt Aug 2021
German Crypto Startups Welcome $415B ‘Spezialfonds’ Law, Even if the Impact Is Small So Far Coindesk Aug 2021
Nasdaq Jul 2021
What Are the Pitfalls of Investing in Cryptocurrency? The Markup Jul 2021
How Elon Musk Became the Most Influential Person in the World Business Insider May 2021
The Martian No Mercy / No Malice May 2021
Elon Musk, DOGE market maker? Meme currency pumps as SNL skit looms Cointelegraph May 2021
Survey: 9% Of US Teens Have Traded In Crypto Decrypt Apr 2021
Decrypt Mar 2021
How Elon Musk Moves The Price Of Bitcoin With His Twitter Activity Forbes Feb 2021
Sichere Bildungsbiografien dank der Blockchain


Feb 2021
Here’s How Much Elon Musk’s Tweets Influence Bitcoin, Dogecoin Prices Decrypt Feb 2021
Bitcoin’s Musk effect: Research shows how Elon moves cryptocurrency prices Cointelegraph Feb 2021
Eterbase Wants to Stop Hacked Bitcoin From Getting Away Decrypt Sep 2020
Bitcoin’s Hash Rate Reaches Even Greater Heights Decrypt Sep 2020
‘Exclusive mining’ could have negative implications for the Blockchain industry, say experts Cointelegraph Sep 2020
Researchers Find New Way for Criminals to Launder Money Using Bitcoin Decrypt Sep 2020
Darum ist Bitcoin mehr als nur digitales Geld Der Spiegel Jun 2020
Here’s how the marktet reacts to huge Bitcoin transfers AMB Crypto May 2020
How Blockchains Become Great Big Garbage Patches for Data Coindesk Apr 2020
Drucksache 19/16940 – Berichte des Basler Ausschusses für Bankenaufsicht und der Europäischen Zentralbank zu Kryptoassets Deutscher Bundestag Feb 2020
Bitcoin: Mehr Google-Suchanfragen und China nähren den Optimismus Der Standard Nov 2019
Deutsche bevorzugen Bitcoin gegenüber Aktien – Akzeptanz und Nutzung von Kryptowährungen in Deutschland Der Bank Blog Nov 2019
Bundesregierung verabschiedet Blockchain-Strategie BMWK Sep 2019
„Digitale Währungen werden ganz sicher von privaten wie staatlichen Akteuren geprägt sein“ Bundesdruckerei Oct 2019
Block52 Podcast – #23 with Dr. Ingo Fiedler Block52 Aug 2019
So nutzt Hamburg die Blockchain-Chance Die Welt Aug 2019
“Blockchain will become a basic technology” Hamburg News Oct 2019
Deutsche nutzen Börsen-Zeitung May 2019
Bundesregierung ist ahnungslos bei Ausmaß von Krypto-Angriffen Handelsblatt May 2019
Die Deutschen sind clevere Kryptoinvestoren Börsen-Zeitung May 2019
Was ist eigentlich eine Blockchain? NDR Apr 2019
Ein Blockchain-Zentrum für Hamburg NDR Jan 2019