Dr. Fred Steinmetz

Co-founder & Researcher

Fred Steinmetz is a co-founder of the Blockchain Research Lab and currently focuses on researching “Crypto Adoption”. The relevance of the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies, token-based services and blockchain technology is increasing, not only in our economy but also in society as a whole. With a focus on consumer adoption, the questions worth investigating comprise users’ ideological motivations, their socio-economic characteristics and usage intentions beyond speculation.

Following his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from RWTH Aachen and University of Cologne, he graduated from Universität Hamburg (M.Sc.) where he currently obtained his dissertation on the convergence of gaming and gambling as well as the intersections of gambling and blockchain technology. At Universität Hamburg, Fred worked on the BMWi-funded research project ETIBLOGG, for which he investigated the potentials of blockchain technology for efficiently transforming energy markets towards the integration of renewables. With a focus on token-based funding for ventures, Fred co-founded badgeport.io, a platform for evaluating and comparing third-party marketing and technical services for startups.

Beyond cryptocurrencies, Fred’s research interests are to find in non-token applications of the technology across industries and domains, i.e. digital identity, and the innovative use of blockchains, i.e. for data anchoring and submission.