Scientific report: “Avatars: Shaping Digital Identity in the Metaverse”

We are excited to announce the release of our latest comprehensive report “Avatars: Shaping Digital Identity in the Metaverse”, that delves into the essential role avatars play in the metaverse and digital identity. As a major pillar of the metaverse ecosystem, avatars have evolved significantly over time, and this report covers various aspects of avatars, including their market size, psychological factors influencing avatar selection, and their potential for growth in Web 3.0.

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Presentation and Panel Discussion at Concordia University’s Conference Series on online gambling (Montreal)

Organized by the Research Chair on Gambling at Concordia University, Montreal, our co-founder Professor Dr. Ingo Fiedler gave a presentation at the Conference Series on online gambling on the current regulatory landscape of online gambling in Germany and provided insights into the current challenges and discourse around the gambling treaty.

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