Presentation at the “Digital Marketing Meets Industry # Finance” event organized by Bitkom

The “Digital Marketing Meets Industry # Finance” event, which took place as a virtual meeting on October 10, 2023, covered a wide range of topics highlighting the intersection between digital marketing and financial services. Organized by Bitkom e.V. and other organizations, the agenda kicked off with a welcome and introduction by Dr. Florian Bayer and Kerstin Valet.

The topics included:

  1. Social listening in the financial sector: Valentin Küssner spoke about how companies can develop a better understanding of their customers through social listening.
  2. TikTok for financial services: Lukas Wagner shared insights on how FinTechs can use TikTok effectively.
  3. Increasing leads and revenue through ESG: Anne Höpfner and Jannis Kepper discussed how environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria can help improve business performance.
  4. Blockchain-based fan tokens: Dr. Lennart Ante presented how blockchain technology contributes to the development of brand communities.

We would like to thank Bitkom for the invitation and the successful event.

If you’re interested in learning more about blockchain-based fan tokens, feel free to directly reach out to Dr Lennart Ante.