Lennart Ante


Lennart Ante co-founded the Blockchain Research Lab and leads the research projects “Entrepreneurship and Digital Finance” and “Literature and Bibliometrics”. He is evaluating the use of blockchain technology across various sectors and is studying the implications and characteristics of cryptocurrencies and their respective markets.

He studied business administration at the University of Cologne, TU Clausthal and Universität Hamburg and works as a research associate at the University of Hamburg at the BMWI funded project ETIBLOGG, a project about making small amounts of energy tradable using blockchain technology to increase the efficiency of energy markets. Lennart is convinced that the blockchain technology will have a sustainable influence on business models and society and would like to contribute with his research to develop positive potentials of the technology and assess possible barriers and risks. In addition to his research activities, he is a co-founder of STOKR, a company that offers corporate financing via blockchain technology.

Of particular interest are topics related to entrepreneurial finance, such as startup financing with tokens and related digital markets and bibliometric analyses, which help to systematically prepare research on blockchain and cryptocurrency and make it understandable in context. 

Research topics:

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Exclusive Mining of Blockchain Transactions

We study an unintended alternative to peer-to-peer propagation: Exclusive mining. Exclusive mining is a type of collusion between a transaction initiator and a single miner (or mining pool). The initiator sends transactions through a private channel directly to the miner instead of propagating them through the peer-to-peer network.