Blockchain Research Lab receives grant from the DZ BANK Stiftung

We are excited to announce that the Blockchain Research Lab has received a grant from the DZ BANK Stiftung.

The funded project started in August 2023 and seeks to explore the opportunities of security tokens as a local investment option for individual investors. Furthermore, we are investigating the viability of security tokens as a potential future business model for cooperative banks. More information about the project can be found here.

By harnessing the capabilities of blockchain technology, security tokens can facilitate investments in previously restricted assets, including those of local small and medium-sized enterprises. Blockchain-based tokens provide an efficient and secure way to digitally represent more specific or local securities, comparatively cost-effectively. The issuance and distribution of security tokens by cooperative banks offer special opportunities for establishing new business fields, as cooperative banks are characterized by a dense branch network and long-standing relationships with local companies and clients.

In order to comprehensively assess the market potential, the role of cooperative banks, and potential marketing strategies for security tokens as a local investment option, an in-depth interview study will be conducted involving individual investors.

We would like to thank the DZ BANK Stiftung for its trust placed in us and look forward to the implementation of the research project.

If you’re interested in learning more about the topic or would be interested in a joint research project with us, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Benjamin Schellinger.