Dr. Benjamin Schellinger

Guest Researcher

Dr. Benjamin Schellinger is guest researcher at the Blockchain Research Lab.

Benjamin holds a distinguished academic background, having pursued studies in international business and finance at the Augsburg Technical University of Applied Sciences. Subsequently, he attained his PhD in economics from the University of Bayreuth, focusing his research on the profound impact of crypto assets and currencies on the financial industry. In addition, his research spanned a wide range of emerging digital technologies, including blockchain-based fan tokens and the metaverse. Apart from his academic achievements, Benjamin boasts practical experience gained from active involvement in multiple blockchain-related projects. Furthermore, he is actively involved in educating students by lecturing on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies at various universities.

Benjamin’s research interests predominantly revolve around exploring the capabilities of digital assets, such as security tokens, and digital currencies like central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and stablecoins. He focuses on applying quantitative methods like portfolio optimization techniques and event study methodologies for their analysis. Additionally, his research delves into investigating the transformative potential of real-world asset tokenization and regenerative finance (ReFi). Benjamin aims to make valuable practical and theoretical contributions that can significantly shape the future of the finance industry. Moreover, he is driven by the desire to illuminate the significance of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for the economy and society at large.