Presentation and Panel Discussion at Concordia University’s Conference Series on online gambling (Montreal)

Organized by the Research Chair on Gambling at Concordia University, Montreal, our co-founder Professor Dr. Ingo Fiedler gave a presentation at the Conference Series on online gambling on 17th March 2023. Prof. Fiedler presented the current regulatory landscape of online gambling in Germany and provided insights into the current challenges and discourse around the gambling treaty.

He also participated in a panel discussion on the best practices and learnings from different jurisdictions to provide regulators and lawmakers with guidance. His main point was that law enforcement against illegal online gambling operators is a necessary precondition to keep licensed operators competitive and allow for a strong regulation of the gambling market. He also suggested that cryptocurrencies should be allowed as a means of payment and that gambling-like products like Loot-boxes, Pay-to-Win gaming, financial betting and crypto trading with high leverage (>20x) should borrow regulatory interventions from the gambling sector, for example self-exclusion systems.

We would like to thank the Research Chair on Gambling for organizing the conference which provided valuable and important insights and aspects on the regulatory landscape of online gambling as well as future directions in gambling harm reduction.

We were very happy to have participated in this conference.

If you’re interested in learning more about the topic, feel free to directly reach out to Professor Dr. Ingo Fiedler.