Presentation on „Onboarding ChatGPT“ at Der Wirtschaftsverein e.V.

The talk of Martin Zielinski at Der Wirtschaftsverein e.V. on 26.06.2023 provided a comprehensive overview of ChatGPT, detailing its functionality, business applications, challenges, legal considerations, and a hands-on workshop with concrete examples. The focus on opportunities and limitations makes this information highly relevant for firms, as understanding and leveraging ChatGPT could unlock new potentials in automation, customer engagement, and various innovative solutions tailored to modern business needs.

A live survey was conducted with 78 of the attendees participating.

  • 64% indicated they do not use ChatGPT in their companies.
  • 35% reported already using it.
  • 1% expressed skepticism towards it.

The results of the live poll, where 35% of participants reported using ChatGPT in their companies, highlight a significant trend in innovation within the Hamburg business community. The willingness to explore and adopt cutting-edge technologies like ChatGPT reflects a forward-thinking, innovation-friendly environment in the region. Coupled with the openness to discuss challenges and opportunities, it underscores Hamburg’s role as a hub for technological advancement and collaborative growth.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Der Wirtschaftsverein e.V. for inviting us to present and engage with the vibrant community of Hamburg’s business representatives. The insights and interactions from the event were both enlightening and stimulating.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration and exploration of new horizons together.