New research published: A Blockchain-Based Fan Token Framework

We are excited to announce that the research paper “Enhancing Trust, Efficiency, and Empowerment in Sports: Developing a Blockchain-Based Fan Token Framework” has been accepted at the prestigious Thirty-first European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2023), Kristiansand, Norway. This research presents a comprehensive analysis of the potential of fan tokens in revolutionizing fan engagement and empowerment through blockchain technology.

The world of sports has always been ripe for innovation, and with the advent of blockchain technology, new avenues for fan engagement and empowerment have emerged. One such innovation is fan tokens – digital assets that provide fans with various utilities and influence over their favorite sports clubs. Our research delves deep into the world of fan tokens, focusing on an in-depth case study of Socios, a leading platform in this field.

The Fan Token Framework:

Based on our analysis, we’ve developed a comprehensive framework that consists of three key constructs:

  1. Trust & Efficiency: Blockchain technology ensures secure, transparent, and efficient transactions. Fan tokens leverage these qualities to instill trust and streamline interactions between fans and sports clubs.
  2. Utility: Fan tokens offer a range of utilities, such as voting rights, access to exclusive content, and merchandise discounts. These utilities enhance the fan experience and foster a sense of belonging.
  3. Financialization: Fan tokens can also act as an investment instrument, offering potential financial gains to fans. This aspect further incentivizes fan engagement and adds a new dimension to the relationship between fans and sports clubs.

Our study not only enriches the literature on customer and fan engagement theory but also provides valuable insights for sports management and other stakeholders. As fan tokens continue to gain traction, our framework can serve as a guide for understanding and harnessing their potential in the ever-evolving sports industry.

Feel free to reach out to Dr. Lennart Ante to learn more about this exciting new frontier in sports and blockchain technology. As the landscape of fan engagement continues to evolve, blockchain-based fan tokens present an opportunity to redefine and democratize the way fans interact with their favorite sports clubs. Our research provides a solid foundation for future studies and practical applications in this rapidly growing field.