An analysis of LAND in The Sandbox: Q4 2022 | Research Note

Digital real estate in the form of digital parcels of LAND in virtual worlds such as The Sandbox is emerging as a new asset class and may represent a significant aspect of future digital social interaction, identity on the internet, the metaverse and financial markets. Virtual LAND owners can build on it, use it, sell it or rent it out, making it a basis for their virtual presence.

As LAND is a new asset class, there is understandably (still) a strong need to better understand the phenomenon, and fact-based evidence can help. The objective of this research note is to analyze LAND sales in the leading virtual world of The Sandbox based on statistical methods and to uncover empirical evidence that will assist in better understanding the asset class and better assessing potentials and challenges.

Our research note „An analysis of LAND in The Sandbox: Q4 2022 conducts a data-driven analysis of LAND in regards of its pricing, distribution and other factors.

Some highlights of the report:

  • The average LAND reseller in 2022 has achieved a return on investment of over 100%.
  • LAND should be viewed as a long-term investment – similar to traditional real estate
  • LAND’s distribution is becoming more equitable over time, which is a positive sign for the asset.
  • Brands and high-profile personalities in the virtual world are seen as a signal of quality, leading to neighborhood effects around LAND prices.

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