Blockchain Research Lab receives grant from the Ethereum Foundation

We are pleased to announce that the Blockchain Research Lab has received a grant from the Ethereum Foundation. The Ethereum Foundation (Ethereum Stiftung) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Ethereum and related technologies.

The aim of the project is to investigate the extent to which transaction costs interrelate with different economic activities on the Ethereum network. On Ethereum, a variety of applications or sectors exist that have different levels of turnover and thus fee-dependency. Major applications include, for example, stablecoins, NFTs, marketplaces, or lending protocols. By applying time series analysis, it will be analyzed how fees causally influence a) the number of users and b) the economic volume both in general and specific sectors. Vice versa, it will also be analyzed how fees are influenced by certain economic activities. The results of the study can help provide a basis for understanding the extent to which the level of fees favors or hinders individual applications or industries on Ethereum. Consequently, the findings can serve as a basis to better plan, support or promote economic activities on the Ethereum blockchain—both before and after the merge to ETH 2.0.

We would like to thank the Ethereum Foundation for its trust placed in us and look forward to the implementation of the research project.

The official announcement from the Ethereum Foundation as well as a listing of all other grants can be found at the following link: Grant announcement