New Report: Digital Identity and Personal Data in 2020: Citizens’ Opinions and Motives

Based on a representative survey among 1,000 German adult internet users, this report offers insights about the motivational factors for using digital identity solutions and risk perceptions towards the sharing and provision of personal data online as well as the trust placed in companies and institutions handling personal data.

Citizens see “trust” and “actual benefits” of digital identity solutions as the most important motives, whereas “social motives” are subordinate. The highest risk associated with sharing personal data online is perceived to be its undetected usage without consent. Most personal data are provided for authentication while logging into specific online systems. The most trusted organizations handling personal data are friends and family, followed by public authorities and government institutions. The overall level of trust with regard to personal data handling is rather low, whereas the lowest trust is placed in companies’ unknown to them and internet companies.

You can download the report HERE for free.