Project description:

The STEREO project, funded by the the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), focuses on the topic of self-sovereign identities. It aims at creating and linking secure digital identities of things and people using the example of vehicles and their owners and users. Vehicle owners can identify themselves digitally via their smartphone or tablet. They use an ID solution of their choice and – with the resulting digital right of disposal over the vehicle – pass through the entrance gate to it. The vehicle’s digital identity then serves as the basis for a variety of usage scenarios in the mobility world of the near future.

The core objective of STEREO is a practical approach to the demonstration of secure digital identities on the basis of use cases implemented by the participating consortium partners. IT services based on blockchain technology represent the basis for more efficient mobility in the selected application scenarios from vehicle registration to daily vehicle use. STEREO establishes the simple and seamless usability of digital identities and thus creates the basis for a broad acceptance across different applications. The combination of digital identities of natural persons, legal entities and vehicles enables a variety of simplifications and automations. STEREO thus addresses the area of conflict between process digitization and data and legal security.