Dr. Elias Strehle

Project lead “Circular Economy and Sustainability”

Dr. Elias Strehle leads the project „Circular Economy and Sustainability“, where he is responsible for the publicly funded research project DIBICHAIN. In the project, he studies how supply chains can be made more sustainable through blockchain technology. Another research focus of his is the usage and market efficiency of existing blockchains and cryptocurrencies.
Elias studied Business Administration at the University of Mannheim and Financial Mathematics at Kiel University. He obtained his doctoral dissertation in Mathematics at the University of Mannheim, studying how game theory can contribute to our understanding of financial markets. Afterwards, he worked as a data scientist and software engineer for one and a half years.

Research topics:

BRL Publications:


The Impact of Transparent Money Flows: Effects of Stablecoin Transfers on Return and Trading Volume of Bitcoin

A sample of 1,587 stablecoin transfers of one million dollars or more is analyzed to find out how they affect Bitcoin returns and trading volume. We find effects on trading volume and returns in the hours around transfers. The findings illustrate the feedback effects between cryptocurrency markets and stablecoin usage.


Public Versus Private Blockchains

Public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to have an exaggerated influence on the overall perception of blockchain technology. As a consequence, trustlessness is often presented as the central characteristic of blockchain: It is claimed that blockchain designers must assume that users do not trust each other and that there is no trusted third party.


Exclusive Mining of Blockchain Transactions

We study an unintended alternative to peer-to-peer propagation: Exclusive mining. Exclusive mining is a type of collusion between a transaction initiator and a single miner (or mining pool). The initiator sends transactions through a private channel directly to the miner instead of propagating them through the peer-to-peer network.