Digital Identity and Personal Data in 2020: Citizens’ Opinions and Motives


Based on a representative online survey, this report offers insights about the motivational factors for using digital identity solutions and risk perceptions towards the sharing and provision of personal data online as well as the trust placed in companies and institutions handling personal data.

Choosing a Distributed Ledger Technology: Looking at the Popularity and Activity of Major Players


The article provides information on non-technical characteristics of fifteen DLTs, including the activity of the developing community, the popularity of the DLTs, and available documentation.

Perceptions towards the Digital Currency Project Libra: Germany Q4 2019


Based on a representative survey among 3,059 German adult Internet, this report captures users’ perceptions and anticipations towards Libra. Libra is a blockchain-based payment token that is backed by a basket of financial assets, such as the Dollar and the Euro. It is developed by...

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