Real Estate & PropTech


Real Estate & PropTech The real estate sector accounts for a substantial part of the world’s assets. Due to the sheer size and relevance of the sector, as well as the offline elements, digitization and disruptive technologies like blockchain technology have taken some time to gain a foothold in the industry. PropTech has become a buzz word in the last couple of years, as technology continues to flourish in the real estate market. Lots of blockchain applications can be identified for the real estate sector. One example would be transparent and immutable digital records for land registries, building permits or title registries. Such applications could streamline complex processes and reduce criminal activities like fraud. Asset tokenization is another use case that could have a significant impact on the real estate industry. Theoretically, any object can be tokenized, i.e. one token can be assigned to a relative share of the object. That way, illiquid assets like buildings can be tokenized and traded on secondary markets. This creates a liquid market for formerly illiquid assets, which would result in a much more efficient market. Token owners could automatically receive their fair share in the building’s profits (from rents) and sell their ownership share in the building at any time – potentially without the need for a notary. As blockchain instils trust in [...]

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