Dr. Ingo Fiedler


Dr. Ingo Fiedler is co-founder of the Blockchain Research Lab and leads the research projects on “Crypto Adoption” and “Market Economics and Efficiency”, especially with a focus on cryptocurrency markets. Building on many years of research activities, he provides scientific guidance and support for various other research projects.

Ingo is Affiliate Professor at Concordia University, Montreal, and leads the Gambling Research Unit at Universität Hamburg. He holds diplomas both in business administration and economics and obtained his award-winning Ph.D. from Universität Hamburg. He started his career 2008 at the Institute of Law & Economics and was visiting scholar at UC School of Law, Berkeley, and Concordia University, Montréal. In 2015, Ingo was worldwide the first economist to offer a Master seminar on cryptocurrencies. Ingo regularly adds to the public knowledge on his main research topics – gambling and blockchain – by commenting in various media outlets and by consulting key policy stakeholders.

Ingo is broadly interested in social sciences, follows an interdisciplinary research approach and is author of seven books and over 50 scientific articles. His research covers the topics of gambling, blockchain and cryptocurrencies from a microeconomic and a societal perspective with a focus on regulatory implications.

Research topics:

BRL Publications:


Perceptions towards the Digital Currency Project Libra: Germany Q4 2019

Based on a representative survey among 3,059 German adult Internet, this report captures users’ perceptions and anticipations towards Libra. Libra is a blockchain-based payment token that is backed by a basket of financial assets, such as the Dollar and the Euro. It is developed by...


Returns from Investing in Cryptocurrency: Evidence from German Individual Investors

We analyze a subpopulation of 225 cryptocurrency owners who classify as investors. 56% of them experienced positive returns, while 29% had negative results. The remaining respondents broke even. The average investment was €1,773 in a portfolio ...