Dr. Aman Saggu

Guest Researcher

Dr Aman Saggu is an affiliate researcher at the Blockchain Research Lab.

In early 2017, Aman’s research in central banking and monetary policy led him to blockchains and cryptocurrencies. He believes they can play a significant role in ensuring financial inclusion for those who lack access to banking, financial, or investment services. Over the years, Aman has developed an interest in stablecoins, investor behaviour in the cryptocurrency space, and the early history of Bitcoin development.

Aman obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics with politics from Royal Holloway, a master’s degree in international finance from St. Andrews University and a doctorate in financial economics from Glasgow University. Aman previously worked as a professional economist at the Jatun Sacha Foundation in Galapagos Islands, SMF Think Tank in London and United Nations ESCAP in Bangkok. He has further lectured courses in economics and finance at the Adam Smith Business School and Mahidol University International College. In 2018, Aman developed the first university course in Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies in Thailand, which was attended by members of central banks, regulatory agencies, academics and students.