Dr. Werner Sandmann


Dr. Werner Sandmann is a data science researcher at the Blockchain Research Lab. Based on his extensive research and application experience in statistical and data scientific methods, mathematical modeling, simulation, analysis and optimization of complex systems, networks and processes, he elaborates on model-based and data-driven blockchain technology insights and fosters a suitable data management.

Werner has studied Computer Science with Mathematics as a secondary subject at the University of Bonn. After receiving his diploma degree (~MSc) in Computer Science he worked there as a scientific member of the Department of Computer Science and received his PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics in 2004 with a doctoral dissertation on stochastic simulation of rare events in Markovian models. During his further academic career he has been a PostDoc and scientific researcher in Computer Science at the University of Bamberg and at Saarland University (University of Saarbrücken), Associate Professor of Stochastic Models in the Department of Applied Stochastics and Operations Research at Clausthal University of Technology (TU Clausthal), Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Derby, UK. After leaving academia in 2016 he worked as a Senior Data Scientist before he has joined the Blockchain Research Lab in 2021.

As part of his academic career he has published more than fifty scientific articles, has served as a referee in the peer-review process of many international scientific journals and conferences, and contributed to the organization of various scientific conferences and workshops. His major research focus is on models and methods of applied probability and statistics, in particular stochastic processes, stochastic modeling and simulation, queueing theory, data science and machine learning, which finds numerous applications in various multifaceted areas of blockchain technology.