Dr. Marc von Meduna


Dr. Marc von Meduna works as a researcher at the Blockchain Research Lab and is primarily concerned with the conception, scientific monitoring and evaluation of population surveys on blockchain technology, especially cryptocurrencies.

Marc has a diploma in psychology. He studied at the Universität Bremen from 2005 to 2011 and worked there from 2012 to 2017 as a research assistant and doctoral student in the Applied Gambling Research working group at the Institute of Psychology and Cognition Research. In these functions, he was involved in various gambling-related research projects with a focus on the empirical investigation of psychologically relevant phenomena. He has been working at the Universität Hamburg since 2018, where he is also involved in various research projects on the subjects of gaming/gambling and gambling addiction.

Research topics:

BRL Publications:


Returns from Investing in Cryptocurrency: Evidence from German Individual Investors

We analyze a subpopulation of 225 cryptocurrency owners who classify as investors. 56% of them experienced positive returns, while 29% had negative results. The remaining respondents broke even. The average investment was €1,773 in a portfolio ...