Blockchain for FinTech

One of the most important fields of implementation for the blockchain industry are financial services in general and financial technology (FinTech) in particular. In this project we identify the most important use cases and how they will shape the future of finance.

The financial industry is exposed to a changing environment. In an increasingly globalized word, changing consumer preferences and technological achievements affect financial services to a high degree. Financial institutions face increased competition in form of non-financial institutions and FinTech startups. These new market entrants aim to provide improved financial services by leveraging the newest technological advancements and by introducing alternative products. Usually, FinTechs are chracterized by their lean and flexible structures, which allow them to quickly react to changes in demand, the market structure, technology or consumer preferences. Contrary to established market particpants, like banks, FinTechs are able to focus on the optimization and the provision of one single financial service or product.

Blockchain likely represents the biggest technological innovation in the sector of financial servcies as its adoption holds the promise of cost reduction, additional earnings, efficiency and transparency.

The Blockchain Research Lab is working on the evaluation of various blockchain application in the financial sector. Our objective is to measure the respective potential of an application by quantifying its respective earnings potential, its potential of cost reduction and the complexity of realization. Based on these three pillars, we generate the individual potential of an application. This enables us to estimate, on which use cases startups and/or financial institutions should still gather information and insights, and which use cases are most eligible for a direct transposition.

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In cooperation with the Hamburg-based blockchain startup Upchain we conduct the Blockchain Monitor

Blockchain Monitor aims to provide a market analysis of the blockchain ecosystem. As a collaborative effort of the Blockchain Research Lab and the blockchain startup Upchain we create a sentiment index across various industries and sectors.

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