Research director Ingo Fiedler is writing a series of three blog posts on IOTA, the cryptocurrency that uses a DAG-based tangle instead of a blockchain. Feel free to read his first post Properties of a Token-Based Machine Economy.

In cooperation with Deloitte Legal, the Blockchain Research Lab prepared a article on the state and issues of the current system of securities trading. In addition to that, the beneficial use of a blockchain-based trading system was highlighted. Feel free to read the article Das tönerne Fundament der Wertpapierabwicklung.

Blockchain Monitor aims to provide a market analysis of the blockchain ecosystem. As a collaborative effort of the Blockchain Research Lab and the blockchain startup Upchain we create a sentiment index across various industries and sectors.

We would appreciate it if you take the time to support our research. We will share the results with the you.

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On the 8th and 9th of February, Fred Steinmetz and a team from consider it are attending the Legal Tech Hackathon in Berlin. Their goal is to design and develop blockchain solutions for the legal sector.

On Friday, 20 January 2017, a conference on the digitalization of the legal system took place at the LMU Munich. Dr. Fiedler attended the conference and gave a lecture on an economic perspective on blockchain and smart contracts. The recording of Dr. Fiedlers lecture is freely available.

Agenda                     Recording

In 2016 our research paper „Die Vision eines integrierten Energiemarktes“ (A Vision of an Integrated Energy Market) won the Enversum Future Award. Feel free to read more of our ideas in the paper.



01/2017 – Bitcoin: Experten über den Kurs der Kryptowährung – Spiegel Online (Link)

Dr. Fiedler is interviewed on the future perspective of Bitcoin.

2017 – Blockchain in der Energiewirtschaft – EnergieAgentur.NRW (Link)

                                 An article about blockchain in the energy sector.

10/2016 – »Endkundenmarkt wird erst durch Blockchain effizient« – Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft (download)

Dr. Fiedler is interviewed on the implications of blockchain technologies for the energy sector.

08/2016 – Wohin wird uns Blockchain (ent-)führen? – nextMedia.Hamburg (Link)

Dr. Fiedler is interviewed on the implications of blockchain technologies.

04/2016 – Blockchain „Klar, dass sich sehr viel verändern wird“ – Unternehmerpositionen Nord (Link)

Dr. Fiedler provides a fundamental overview of blockchain technology and its implications.

09/2013 – Monnaie souterraine d’Internet, Bitcoin est en quête de reconnaissance (Link) – Le soir

An article about the perspective of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

06/2013 – Waschsalon für digitale Währungen – Liberty Reserve, Bitcoin und Online-Gambling im Visier der Ermittlungsbehörden – Deutschlandfunk (Link)

                                An article about the legal implications of cryptocurrency.